The road connecting the joys of local people in Ta Chu and Pa Te villages in Tuc Dan commune of Tram Tau district

Friday - 30/06/2017 15:16
Tuc Dan commune in Tram Tau district is one of the most difficult communes in Vietnam. The commune has 7 hamlets and 4 ethnic groups living together (Mong people makes up 90%). The rate of poor households in early 2016 is 89.7%. In Ta Chu hamlet, people do not have a chance to see cars in the village at all.

For the first time our SUDECOM’s pickup truck fumbled into the hamlet center as the first car to reach the hamlet. The people were surprised and crowded to see the truck. When we left, children ran in kilometers to the truck, which made our driver “have his heart in his mouth” by stopping the children from the risk of accidents.

SUDECOM decided to build a village-road in Ta Chu and Pa Te hamlets with the financial support Schmizt foundation through a project. Activities of building road took places from March to June in 2016. The project supported 97.5m3 of gold sand, 165.7m3 of pulpstone, 68,250 kg of cement, equipments and machines. Villagers in Pa Te and Ta Chu hamlets contributed 1,222 working days to level the road, transport concrete mix materials and pour concrete into roads.

After 3 months, 650 metters of concrete road in 2 hamlets of Ta Chu and Pa Te had been fulfilled. People in these hamlets have been very happy because their moving to exchange products and goods is now easier. This will strengthen the participation of local people into the community activities and the traveling among hamlets within Tuc Dan communue of Tram Tau district.

The project changed the local people’s habit of their satisfaction with the underdeveloped infrastructure in order to increase their participation in the contribution of working day and the available potentiality to making concrete roads for the improvement of the villagers’ living conditions, have a part  in the new countryside construction.

Photo:  Villagers had been working in hamlet concrete road.
Photo: Children are going to school in the new  concrete road.

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